Business Email

Glenomail - UK hosted Email Services that help Your Business grow online

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Secure Your E-Mail

Access your mail service using Secure Server technology across all devices

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UK Hosted E-mail

E-Mail services are hosted in a secure UK datacentre

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Alternative Email

Glenomail is an alternative email service, that uses Secure Server Connections, for the delivery and collection of email to your devices

Glenomail provides an alternative IMAP email service for business that uses secure connections between your devices and the mail server.  If you are looking for a UK hosted service, to ensure your data is not stored outside the UK, then Glenomail is a great choice for you.


Fast Reliable Servers

Glenomail only uses Fast and Reliable servers

Glenomail uses fast and reliable UK based servers that use high speed micro processors supported by a team of highly experienced service delivery technical staff.

SSL Connections to all devices

Glenomail, uses SSL technology, ensuring your mail is delivered using secure server connections to all devices.


UK Hosted Email

Have you ever had concerns about where your current provider stores your email? Glenomail is hosted in the UK.

To ensure there are no GDPR issues for customers relating to the storing of email outside the UK, Glenomail guarantees that ALL our mail services are hosted in our UK based data centre, so our customers are assured, that their business data, is not stored in an overseas "data farm".