Who are Glenomail?


Glenomail is a trading style of Glenovation Ltd. The Glenovation team have been providing e-mail and Internet Services to businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond since 2002.

Glenomail was developed to provide alternative e-mail services for Glenovation Ltd customers, who preferred to have IMAP email services that were guaranteed to be hosted on UK based servers. Among other things, there can be benefits for your business, in relation to compliance with GDPR and ensuring your are not hosting business e-mail services outside the UK, if you are based inside the UK.

Although Glenomail has many larger competitors, the highly experienced Glenovation team provide the service offering, in Glenomail, which has very competitive business email pricing and is particularly suitable, for small business users. Glenomail services are delivered using SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ADSP and SNDS technologies for your domain, ensuring mail delivery from trusted sources.

Glenomail does not sell any data to third parties, nor do we collate any data that would be of use to any third parties. (Further data centre information is available on request).

Winning Solutions

Reliable - UK based mail services

Glenomail services are designed for UK based businesses, who want to ensure their email and data, is retained in the UK and not stored overseas.

Your Privacy is assured.

Glenomail scan mail servers for Anti Virus and Anti Spam activities. Nothing else.

Competitively Priced E-mail Services

Glenomail is competitively priced, payment plans are monthly and flexible via Direct Debit or Paypal. There are no credit checks! - Pay as you go and leave when you want.

Webmail at Glenomail

Glenomail provides IMAP based e-mail services for customers and the webmail aspect uses Horde Groupware Webmail Edition, which is an enterprise ready, browser based communication suite. Users can read, send and organise email messages and manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with the standards compliant components, from the Horde Project.

Using MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, EM Client and Other Email Clients

Glenomail allows you to use other email clients as well as web/browser based services, so you can be happy, continuing to using, your favourite and faithful email client if you prefer that to webmail. You can also share calendars, contacts, tasks and notes through those same services.

Why Choose Glenomail?


UK based Data Centre storage

If you use Glenomail for your business, you will have No issues with GDPR, in relation, to storing emails and data outside the UK.


Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus Scanning

You are 100% guaranteed that the only reason mail is scanned on Glenomail servers, is to use Anti Spam and Anti Virus technology, to help keep the bad guys out of your Inbox!


Fast and Powerful Servers

Glenomail uses fast and powerful servers  to ensure smooth mail services.


Secure Connections to All Devices

SSL Secure server connections are used between the data centre and the device you use to collect and read your e-mail from Glenomail.